Debating Workshop Aachen – Review [Update]

On February 4th and 5th, the Debating Club Aachen hosted its first British Parliamentary Style Debating Workshop. During the two-day event in the Super-C, the participants got to know the basics of BP style, had a step by step introduction into debating and learned tools to find, order, structure and present their arguments. During the Socials over the evenings, the participants got the chance to get detailed feedback and to try out video and powerpoint karaoke.

With 30 participants, we were able to fill 4 tables during the mini-tournament, which we hosted to give the rookies a first debating experience.

The motions were:

# 1. Training Round: THW ban wikileaks
# 2. Training Round: Motion picked by coaches

# 1. Round Mini-Tournament: THW allow assisted suicide.
# 2. Round Mini-Tournament: THB the time has come for a homo-sexual Disney-hero.
# 3. Round Mini-Tournament: THW introduce a quota for women in boardrooms of publicly traded companies.
# Final Round Mini-Tournament: THW close down prisons

We want to thank all those, who contributed to this wonderful event, especially:

Roelant Stegmann, Louis Klamroth, Tein de Vries and Monique Spijkers from Amsterdam University College for helping us coaching, judging and ironmanning.
Andreas Lazar (tabbing, coaching and judging)
RWTH Aachen, the International Office and the KAS for their support.

Pictures are now available:


We had a blast! We hope to see you all again!

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